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My friends are a different breed.

I stole this idea from Kate. I do have more friends than just these, but these are the ones with tumblr accounts and all. And as I make more tumblr friends, they will probably end up here. This is like a Friend Follow Friday except it’s not Friday. Unless of course, you’re reading this on a Friday, then it’s Friday. This is more like a Friend Everyday Follow List. So go and follow.

Kerry is… amazing, for lack of a better, more intense word. I’ve known Kerry for three years and though we don’t get to talk as much as we used to, she is still my best frand fo lyfe. She’s beautiful, funny, awesome and it’s ridiculous how much I love her. I don’t know what the hell I’d do without her. Vampiresharkwalruses ahoy. Follow her. You won’t regret it.

Jessi. What do I say about Jessi? Jessi is so terribly perfect and amazing and I’m so glad we got to meet in ‘09. Jessi puts up with my incessant babbling about random things and in return, I’ve promised to always love and be there for her. I can’t offer a lot but I can always offer that. Follow her; she posts nothing less than the best.

Matthieu. Oh, Matthieu. I’ve been talking to Matthieu for three years as well. He listens to whatever I need to get out even when he has shit of his own to deal with, and I don’t think he truly has any idea how much I appreciate him for it. He makes me laugh when I really need to, he’s crazy insightful, and without his messages over the last three years, I might have gone insane. He’s the only person I’ve ever talked to for five hours straight on MSN and one of few people I’d want to talk to for that long. Follow him. He’s all kinds of wonderful and I love him muchly.

Nadia is the very definition of southern hospitality. I’d only known her for a few months before she was surprising me with gifts in the mail. She consistently tells me how wonderful I am and how fantastic I am at writing and all the things anyone could ever want to hear. She is an amazing friend and I don’t think I tell her enough how much I love her. She posts Monaboyd and Pinto and though she might seem like a homicidal maniac when she’s threatening her suitemates, she really is the epitome of kindness. Follow her, right now!

Kate is my wife. I’m not kidding. We got married on LJ and even renewed our vows. Kate is gorgeous and wonderful and funny and cool and everything I wish I was. Believe me, if I was Kate and it were biologically possible, I’d have babies with myself so I could produce a whole horde of kids whose pictures are in the dictionary under ‘awesome.’ That’s how much I love her. She’s the Gabe to my William, the Jack to my Sally, the Remus to my Sirius, the James Precious to my Queen Kiki, the Nick to my Julian, the Jagger to my Bowie, the Cassie to my Sid, the Bret to my Jemaine, the Adakias to my Anhura, the everything to my everything. Hit the follow button immediately.

Mari is the person I can trust to hit me in the face with a pillow before wishing me a happy birthday. She’s funny and amazing and definitely one of the best people I’ve ever met. I know I can trust her to not ask me why I’m crying at a show because she’ll be crying with me. She still laughs at me for something ridiculous I said on my 17th birthday. She likes A Very Potter Musical and the Boston Bruins and I think the only reason she’d ever hate me is for liking the Yankees. I love her lots and lots. Trust me when I say following her is a good decision.

Laurel is my best friend. Clearly, I have many best friends. Laurel is like…oh god, what do I even say? I’m still having trouble figuring out why we weren’t this close before this past year in school. We became best friends in like, three days. Who even does that? Laurel is my cuddle buddy and my partner in crime. Crimes include chalking people’s driveways and enjoying My Immortal like it’s a good novel. I honestly do not know how we survived without each other, and I don’t know how the hell I’m surviving with her away at college. Laurel is just full of awesome. Go and follow her. Now.

Jess is one of my best friends in real life. She finally caved and got a tumblr (it draws ‘em all in in the end) and she is amazing. We’ve hung out a lot over the years (especially with her being in my homeroom), but we became really close during our last year of high school. She is funny and loves her family and friends and when people need to be told to back off, she’s pretty fabulous at doing that, too. Go and follow her!

Sophie is my twin. You know, aside from the part where she’s like, almost four years younger than I am and all. But seriously… my twin. Sophie is an amazing friend and she’s been there for me for three years and I couldn’t be more grateful. I met her in the same MCR chat in which I met Kerry, and I didn’t know it was possible for fate to hand me more than one amazing person on the same day. Sophie and I have had a couple of ups and downs, but who gives a damn about the downs when the ups are the best? That’s right, nobody. Sophie is fantastic and posts/reblogs fantastic pictures and when she marries and has babies with Tom Kaulitz, she better make me their fairy godmother. ;D Follow her.

Lottie. What, you don’t know Lottie? Don’t even speak to me until you follow her, get to know her and learn to love her. She is all kinds of awesome and fabulous and we were at one time, Facebook married. But as we all know, Facebook relationships sometimes end BUT BONDS DO NOT BREAK (insert triumphant trumpet playing here). Lottie is amazing and all I can say is that she just gets me. Not many people speak fluent Katie but Lottie does and I love her for it. I also love almost every fandom she does and we’re both writers and we love the gay and we like the same books and basically we’re just ultra compatible and wow, I feel like I’ve been married to just about everyone. I’m clearly a massive slut. But anyway, follow Lottie. Your life may depend on it. DA NA NA NAAAAAA, DA NA NAAAAA~