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katie ★ 18 ★ bowie enthusiast to the nth degree ★ foREVer

"i am a lover of truth, a worshipper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance."

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my name is katherine liberty, but you can call me katie. or katie bowie as people tend to these days. i’m eighteen, a glitter kid, and a lover of all things 70s and all things british. i’m a big fan of big band and i’ll listen to most things once. i don’t belong in maine and as soon as i can, i’m off to england to live in brighton.

i tend to preface potentially insulting things by saying i’m sorry when i’m not. i use british english because i found myself slowly slipping into it and now i can’t not use it. i don’t believe in most religions but i do believe in rock ‘n’ roll. i plan to go to university to major in english and minor in awesome.

i follow everyone back but i don’t want to follow you if you TaLk lyk3 DiS in anything other than a sarcastic manner, or if you promote homophobia, racism, sexism, or any other -ism that says “hey, i’m an intolerant douchebag.” so it’s wise not to follow me if that’s the case ‘cause i don’t wanna follow a bunch of jerks.

i don’t like awful grammar/spelling, glee, lady gaga, marilyn manson, or twilight (i’m a lit geek and i read REAL books). i despise when people use their blog to insult people and act like they are god’s gift to tumblr. you’re not even half as cool as you think you are. if you’re one of those people who reblogs those “i am a girl who wears sweats and likes reading” posts, i wouldn’t even bother with me.

i like androgyny, nature, and my favourite word is ‘tramp.’ a lot of my favourite films were made by hayao miyazaki and tim burton. i love monty python, converse, the cool side of the pillow, cold water, bandanas, photography, the victorian era, steampunk, rococo, coffee ice cream, chaos, dry humour, neon colours, spanish food, asian food, and musicals. i love life and i regularly participate in the art of living (which is more than just existing or breathing).

doctor who, criminal minds, misfits, bones, monty python, lie to me, torchwood, law & order: svu, little britain, never mind the buzzcocks, would i lie to you?, qi, the it crowd, the mighty boosh and supernatural are staples in my television diet.

when it comes to actors/actresses, i am in love with gary oldman, john cleese, bradley cooper, john barrowman, cillian murphy, billy boyd, dominic monaghan, tim roth, jonathan rhys meyers, noel fielding, billie piper and kirsten vangsness.

my biggest heroes are david bowie, keith richards and john cleese. just as a warning, i talk about them a lot, but mostly about david. he’s been my hero since i was five and that won’t ever change. so when i say ‘love’ in reference to david, i mean i love him in the deepest sense of the word imaginable. my first tattoo on my left wrist is for him. i am alive right now and living a life full of love and happiness because of him. so if you can’t handle a lot of posting about him (and about keef and cleesey), not following me is probably the best idea.

that about covers it, i think. any questions can be directed to my formspring or my ask, and any idiocy can be directed to the unfollow button.